Project Overview

Project Overview

Specific project objectives

The aim of "KBBE call.2013.2.5-02: Saving Water and Energy for Resource-Efficient Food Processing" is to provide engineering offering a means for significant and simultaneous savings of water and energy along the entire length of the post-harvest chain at all scales of business: from supplying raw ingredients to processing (operations and cleaning), packaging, warehousing, distributing, retailing and household handling of food commodities.

This EnReMilk project will be primarily targeted at a sufficiently representative sector of the food industry, the dairy industry. The objective of the EnReMilk project is to meet the aims of this call. It is to achieve significant water and energy savings in representative sectors and scales in the dairy processing operations, from primary collection, to processing and subsequent distribution. This will be achieved by scientific and technological research and development that will be accompanied by environmental, economic, social and policy validation.

During this project, energy savings of at least 20% and water savings of at least 30% will be achieved against existing performance that are replicable in both SME and large scale dairy operations. These performance savings will be validated by undertaking a diagnosis and establishing a baseline of existing operations against which savings achieved by the research activities will be validated in both model simulations and in physical trials. The EnReMilk approach will be validated in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability by recognised experts and recognised tools including in-line with the International Reference Life Cycle Data System (ILCD) handbook.

Project Structure